October 8, 2023 – Press Release

Blue F.O.s



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8 October 2023 - Providence, RI


The band we have grown to love over the last 35 years will be discontinuing it’s brand name “Blue F.O.s” beginning in January 2024. The last remaining charter member of the original band, James “Killer” Kane (harmonica), decided that he will finish out the 2023 season before departing the band to pursue other personal interests. The group’s remaining musicians will continue to bring their musical style and energy to their loyal fans under the new name “The Earl Knightwood Band”.

The current BlueF.O.s musicians are Dave McCarthy (bass guitar), Chris O’Donnell (drums, vocals), Frank Rapone (keyboards, vocals), Ed Vallee (guitar, vocals), James "Killer" Kane (harmonica), and Greg Cambio (saxophone & percussion). Bill Lehourites (guitar, vocals) will be filling  in temporarily with the band for the remainder of 2023 season.

The new Earl Knightwood Band will comprise bandmembers from the BlueF.O.s. with the addition of a new bandmember to be announced soon.


We have undergone a lot of change this year with the passing of Tim Lindsey. He was the founding member of the Blue F.O.s". Frank Rapone added, “....it’s a different band now without him and we’ll remember him fondly as we go forward."


It was a season of change for the Blue F. O.s with the passing of Tim Lindsey and the impending departure of Killer Kane (harmonica). The upcoming 2024 season expects to see the tradition continue into the future with the new Earl Knightwood Band.


The Earl Knightwood Band is an R&B/Soul/Blues music group bringing with it a long track record of professional experience that it’s musicians bring to the stage.
The Earl Knightwood Band is available for all musical venues including concert halls, nightclubs, weddings, fairs, festivals, corporate events, fundraising events and private functions



Ed Vallee - ed@edvallee.com
Lyn McCarthy - lmccarthy415@gmail.com


Author: Ed Vallee

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